New Construction Inspection

Most people that are buying newly constructed homes believe that there is no reason for their new home to be independently inspected just prior to closing. After all, the home is brand new, what could be wrong with it? The truth is, having an independent home inspection done by an impartial, third party inspector is one of the best decisions you can make in the home buying process.


Buyers may believe, due to the local building inspection department having inspected the house during its construction, that nothing could have been missed. Or, they may feel that because the builder or developer is providing some type of warranty, that it will cover everything. Unfortunately, this is not always true.


The fact is, the majority of construction tasks (foundation, framing, plumbing, electrical, etc.) are usually subcontracted out to the lowest bidder, with speed, not quality being an important consideration for the builder. With many separate activities going on at the same time, it’s nearly impossible for the builder or contractor to personally monitor all phases of the home construction.


The following are examples of new home defects found during independent inspections prior to closing:

  • Poor installation of studs or framing components
  • Loose plumbing connections
  • Damaged roof components, leaks or gaps
  • Faulty electrical wiring or connections
  • Poorly installed windows
  • Incomplete attic insulation
  • Improperly installed cabinets


Let Full Circle Home Inspections make certain that the new home of your dreams is everything it should be. We will document any and all potential issues with your new home and make sure you are properly informed before you move forward with your purchase. Call or click here to get started!